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Section A: Environmental Studies -- The relationship between man and his environment forms the subject matter of this topical journal. It publishes papers covering all the many aspects of the subject, and appeals to social, natural and applied scientists, as well as architects, town planners and other professional people. Topics discussed include ecology, occupational hygiene, industrial health, social effects of technological advances, radiation, noise, pollution of the biosphere and outer space, city planning, ekistics, transportation problems, genetic aspects, drug matters, environmental management, population problems, food and animal feeds, environmental medicine, cybernetics, ergonomics and bio- engineering. Special issues on particular topics, such as transportation and population, are published from time to time.

Section B: Environmental Science and Technology -- This section examines potential or existing environmental problems and their solutions in both industrialized and developing countries -- such as acid rain, air pollution measurements and control devices, water pollution control processes and technology, water resources planning, hydrology, occupational health, water chemistry etc. The intent of this journal is to serve those scientists, administrators and engineers who are charged with identifying and solving concrete problems concerning the environment.

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