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The Canadian Journal of Political Science (CJPS) began in 1968, having evolved from the Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science which had been published since 1934. CJPS is jointly sponsored by the Canadian Political Science Association/Association canadienne de science politique (CPSA/Acsp) and the Société québécoise de science politique (Sqsp). From 1968 until 1976 CJPS was published by the University of Toronto Press. Since then it has been published by Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

CJPS is the primary outlet in Canada for refereed scholarship in political science. Published quarterly, it presents articles, notes, commentaries and book reviews in English and in French. The Editorial Board of CJPS is committed to the publication of scholarly research in all fields of political science. Manuscripts are assessed on the basis of their contribution to the discipline and by the authors' adherence to the highest scholarly standards.

The first objective of CJPS is the publication of outstanding scholarly manuscripts on all areas of political science, including manuscripts on the history of political thought, contemporary political theory, international relations and foreign policy, governmental institutions and processes, political behaviour, public administration and public policy. Published work reflects the main methodological approaches used in the discipline├żnormative arguments; quantitative methods; interpretative analysis; historical and institutional studies; pluralist, statist and class analyses. In evaluating manuscripts for publication, the primary considerations are, first, whether they make a contribution to political research in general and, second, whether they will be of interest to a broad cross-section of readers than simply a narrow group of specialists in a particular subfield. This aim to publish excellent manuscripts in all major subfields of political science is accomplished mainly by the publication of scholarly articles. Research notes are another form of publication for original scholarship in all subfields. The quality and significance of all manuscripts submitted for consideration as articles or research notes are assessed through anonymous peer review.

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