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Restorying Nature: The Voices of the Natural World

Deadline: 11/01/2013

Submission deadline: Nov. 1, 2013
Spring 2013 - Restorying Nature: The Voices of the Natural World, Marion W. Copeland and NILAS (Nature in Legend and Story), guest editor.

          The NILAS issue of Interdisciplinary Humanities (NILAS (Nature in Legend and Story at is dedicated to understanding relationships between humans and the natural world through the mediation of stories, legends, artworks, and other cultural products. We regard the interactions of people with fauna and flora as a subject that is sufficiently significant, complex, and interesting to merit the most serious attention of poets and scholars. NILAS promotes the understanding and exploration of these relationships thorough education (k-12, higher education and beyond), the arts, and other activities such as storytelling. Our interdisciplinary and intercultural emphasis naturally partners with the humanities and other traditional disciplines as well as with environmental and ecofeminist studies, Animal Studies with its interdisciplinary emphasis, and Human-Animals Relations.
           For this special issue we are defining story as Patrick D. Murphy does in Further Afield: “nature is…a story in the sense of an unfolding series of events with various forms of causality and coincidence in which all life forms are potential characters.” Because Euro-American scholarship has maintained such an anthropocentric bias, we are looking for work that foregrounds the bio- and animal-centric story (narrative). In Pieces of White Shell, Terry Tempest Williams further defines story as “an affirmation of our ties to one another” and by one another means “all life forms: people, land, and creatures”—eukaryotes (plants and animals), bacteria, and archaea (microbes).
           Send proposals to Marion W. Copeland at:

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