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The 19th Century in Western Philosophy

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Too often we take for granted many of the social, political scientific, technological, and philosophical developments that took place during the 19th Century. We sometimes forget, for example, that the American Civil war occured during the later half of the 19th Century, only 50 or so years before World War I, and only 50 or so years after winning a fight for independence from Great Britain. During this century, also, Latin American countries begin winning their independence from Europe, while Europe itself faces both the French and Industrial Revolutions.  In the United States, Great Britain and other parts of the world, slavery is abolished, women begin wining the right to vote, the bicycle is invented, the first oil wells are drilled in the U.S., gold is discovered in California, the revolver is patented, dynamite and the telephone are invented, electromagnetic waves and x-rays are discovered, radium is isolated, the first skyscrapers begin to appear almost simultaneously in British, European and North American cities, the Communist Manifesto is published in Russia, and the Mormans migrate to Utah just before Nietzsche announces the death of God... More on 19th century western philosophy