20th Century Philosophy
coverAmerica by Jean Baudrillard, Chris Turner (Translator).

From the snippets of time's hemlock and the folds of hyperdrasstic continuitizing systems comes M. Ohwhatathrowback! Baudrillard's scribblings falsifying everything from context to content and all bodies Between - oh dear, I do feel prismatic today! For anyone who's ever shopped at 7-Eleven not out of need for an object but out of pure compulsion toward a totalizing discourse - this wunz fer you!.  -- anonymous review

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Reality of Simulation

This is a very interesting website about Baudrillard.


The French Hyperrealist Jean Baudrillard is the most sophisticated thinker in contemporary philosophy. He is often associated with Postmodernism although he has more in common with Descartes than Derrida. He is a materialist interested in nothing less than the nature of (the disappearance of) reality. Unfortunately his subtle arguments remain largely unknown due to erroneous interpretation by those oh so good apostles of empiricism who think that everything that take place is necessarily real. From the other end of the spectrum the blind worshipping of American students and professors unable to produce a single creative thought of their own has not done his writings any justice either. On this homepage you will find the most complete collection of Baudrillard's many on-line articles. Read them and form your own opinion instead of reproducing others. There are also bits and pieces that could serve as an entry point into Baudrillard's fascinating universe... 

Site Includes:


Hystericizing the Millennium

by Jean Baudrillard


The fact that we are entering on a retroactive form of history, that all our ideas, philosophies, mental faculties are progressively adapting themselves to this model, is quite evident. This may just as well be an adventure, since the disappearance of the end is, in itself, an original or creative situation. It seems to be characteristic of our culture and our history which have no end in sight either as guarantors of an indefinite recurrence, of an immortality pursued in the opposite direction. Up till now, immortality was conceived of as a region of the beyond, an immortality yet to come, today however, we have concocted another type of immortality, one on this side of the fence that incorporates the recession of outcomes ad infinitum.

The situation may be original, but the final result or outcome of things is evidently lost in advance or up front. We will never get to know the original chaos, the Big Bang, and because it is a classified event, we had never been there. We could retain the hope however, of seeing the final moment, the Big Crumb, one day. A spasmodic enjoyment of the end to compensate for not having had the chance to revere the beginning [l'origine]. These are the only two interesting moments, and since we were frustrated with the first one, we invest all the more energy into the acceleration of the end, into the precipitation of things or events towards their ultimate loss, a loss from which we were at least thrown the crumbs in the form of the spectacle. Dreaming of an unprecedented opportunity open to a generation to obliterate the end of the world, which is just as wonderful as being part of the beginning. But we have arrived too late for things to begin, only the end or outcome seems to careen under our sway...


The World of Jean Baudrillard

This site offers a short discussion of Baudrillard's influences, an annotated bibliography and more.


Jean Baudrillard is "a talisman: a symptom, a sign, a charm, and above all, a password into the next universe," (Kroker and Levin, BC 5); if you read too much Baudrillard "you are in danger of turning into a hyper-reader, and transforming the text under the power of your imagination into something of the sort it became in the hands of the Neo Geos and their apologists. At this point you are taking Baudrillard too seriously," (Danto, 48); "Baudrillard has begun to work equally hard at playing the Disappearing Theorist. He has progressively and deliberately abandoned the protocols of systematic research, scrupulous argument, thesis formulation, 'critique' -- in favor of a style of personal jotting (and jaunting) about the world ... this travelling man is no Mad Max. There's no sense in Baudrillard's glass bubble that anything nasty might happen," (Morris, HR, 28-9). "The upshot of Baudrillard's analyses is to license a kind of intellectual dandyism," (Callinicos, 147). And so, "in the end, does Theory ... come to embrace itself as work-of-art, dire object, and absolute commodity," (Morris, 101, 210)...


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