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Lucian Blaga  (1895 - 1961)

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The Affirming Flame : A Poetics of Meaning

Zalmoxis : Obscure PaganZalmoxis : Obscure Pagan by Lucian Blaga, Doris Platnus Runey (Translator), Keith Hitchins (Introduction)

Lucian Blaga (1895-1961) is judged by many to be Romania’s most original philosopher and greatest poet of the twentieth century. While scholars with access to his works in Romanian are well-aware of their importance, his work has remained, up to now, little known in the English-speaking world. This book represents the one of the first efforts to make Blaga’s work accessible to a wider audience. Zalmoxis is Blaga’s first play and one of his most important literary works. It underlines much of his philosophy. Blaga’s attachment to Expressionist ideals is discernible in his treatment of the characters primarily as vehicles of ideas and his preference for primitive nature over the cultured metropolis. The book includes an introduction by Keith Hitchins of the University of Illinois, one of the leading historians of Romania in the United States and a scholar intimately acquainted with Blaga’s life and work. In it, he discusses the importance of Blaga’s life and work. The translation is by Doris Platnus-Runey from Wayne State University in the United States.

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Lucian Blaga, Romanian Philosopher and Poet

Dr R. T. Allen

A site for those interested in the work of Lucian Blaga (1895-1960), Romanian philosopher and poet: bibliography, translations, news, events and more.

Lucian Blaga is one of Romania's principal poets and philosophers. Although there are translations and studies of his work published in French and Italian, there has so far been little knowledge of him in the English-speaking world. This web site is a personal effort, with the co-operation of colleagues in Romania, to supply that lack.

 Site includes Time Line, Gallery, Translations and Studies, including A Blaga Anthology (philosophy, poems, aphorisms and other extracts) available on CD


Lucian Blaga


"Man's destiny is his creation" said the writer. All his life was creation: poetry, theater, philosophy.

He was the first poet given to us by Transylvania after the 1918 Union. Born at May 9 in Lancram-Alba, priest son. Curious for the young readers (specially for the children) is the following: the future poet did not speak till the age of 4, being "silent like a swan", as he said...


Lucian Blaga

Time line of Blaga's life.


Lucian Blaga -- Critical Views


Thinker and poet, man of culture and artist, Lucian Blaga has marked Romanian spirituality with his personality for more than five decades. His works rise many problems, which are a continuous challenge to literary and philosophical criticism, as he wrote more than 10 000 titles. His entire work - containing poetry, plays, essays, philosophy, memoirs, aphorisms - reflect the modern tendencies of his time to render ideas in an allusive and fluid language, in metaphorical shape, and to reflect through this upon the position of man in the Universe...


Lucian Blaga

This site hosts Blaga's poetry.  Site Includes:

Poemele luminii (1919)

Pasii profetului (1921)
   În marea trecere (1924)
   Lauda somnului (1929)
   La cumpăna apelor (1933)
   La curtile dorului (1938)
   Nebănuitele trepte (1943)
  Corăbii cu cenusă
Cântecul focului (1945 - 1957)
  Ce aude unicornul (1957 - 1959)


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