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Aesthetics, Method, and Epistemology: Essential Works of Foucault, 1954-1984, Volume II
Foucault ReaderThe Foucault Reader by Michel Foucault, Paul Rabinow (Editor).

Michel Foucault was one of the most influential thinkers in the contemporary world, someone whose work has affected the teaching of half a dozen disciplines ranging from literary criticism to the history of criminology. But of his many books, not one offers a satisfactory introduction to the entire complex body of his work. The Foucault Reader was commissioned precisely to serve that purpose.

The Reader contains selections from each area of Foucault's work as well as a wealth of previously unpublished writings, including important material written especially for this volume, the preface to the long-awaited second volume of The History of Sexuality, and interviews with Foucault himself, in the course of which he discussed his philosophy at first hand and with unprecedented candor.

This philosophy comprises an astonishing intellectual enterprise: a minute and ongoing investigation of the nature of power in society. Foucault's analyses of this power as it manifests itself in society, schools, hospitals, factories, homes, families, and other forms of organized society are brought together in The Foucault Reader to create an overview of this theme and of the broad social and political vision that underlies it.

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The Foucault Pages at CSUN

This site is maintained by Ben Attias. 



www.theory.org.uk:  Foucault

This page gives a brief description of Foucault as well as a subjective impression concerning the importance of his work.  Includes a bibliography and links to other Foucault sites.



the / untimely / past:  Foucault Bibliography

This is an ongoing bibliography project, maintained by Jeffrey Hearn, offering an extensive list of texts by and about Foucault.



Discourse and truth: the problematization of parrhesia.  (six lectures given at the University of California at Berkeley, Oct-Nov. 1983) Ed. by Joseph Pearson in 1985 :

"The text was compiled from tape-recordings made of six lectures delivered, in English, by Michel Foucault at the University of California at Berkeley in the Fall Term of 1983. The lectures were given as part of Foucault's seminar, entitled "Discourse and Truth". Since Foucault did not write, correct, or edit any part of the text which follows, it lacks his imprimatur and does not present his own lecture notes. What is given here constitutes only the notes of one of his auditors. Although the present text is primarily a verbatim transcription of the lectures, repetitive sentences or phrases have been eliminated, responses to questions have been incorporated--whenever possible--into the lectures themselves, and numerous sentences have been revised --all in the hope of producing a more readable set of notes." 


Foucault at QueerTheory.com

Online resource sites, listed essays, new and used books by and about Foucault, and more.


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