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Martin Heidegger  1889-1976

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 Thinking in the Light of Time : Heidegger's Encounter With Hegel
Martin Heidegger:  Between Good and Evil.Martin Heidegger : Between Good and Evil by Rudiger Safranski, Ewald Osers (Translator).

Heidegger's writings are turgid and difficult, and a layperson who approaches them in order to gain an idea of how the author influenced twentieth century thought is likely to be frustrated by their impenetrability. Safranski's biography is a valuable resource, providing an accessible and actually rather detailed account of the evolution of Heidegger's ideas. He also does an excellent job at elucidating the tricky topic of the relationship between his philosophy and his Nazi sympathies before and during World War II. He treats the philosopher fairly and with a detachedness that fits the subject very well... -- anonymous review  

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This is a huge site with many resources.

Recent Authors listed include:

There are many more articles listed at this site.


Essays on Heidegger and Politics

Created and maintained by Frank Edler.  This page offers a variety of on-line essays and reviews dealing  primarily with Heidegger's political involvement with Nazism. 

Titles  include:


Enframing Heidegger

Another chronology.



List of current and forthcoming volumns of the Gesamtausgabe.


Heidegger's Works in English

Bibliography with information about certain texts and links to booksellers.


Heidegger en castellano

Horacio Potel

Martin Heidegge, sus textos en español, comentarios, galeria fotografica, biografía, bibliografía y enlaces relacionados.

Martin Heidegger, his texts in Spanish, extensive commentaries, photographs, biography, bibliography and related links.


Heidegger's Greek

Links to the Greek Fragments used by Heidegger.


Glossary of Greek Terms used by Heidegger

Links to the Greek terms used by Heidegger in his texts.


Martin Heidegger and Environmental Ethics

Essay by Ted Beckman,  Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA.   After World War II, Martin Heidegger directed much of his thinking to technology and to the impact of technology on our perceptions of human life. One of the essays developed along this path was "The Question Concerning Technology."   It is unfortunate that the essay is not widely read because it carries the critique of technology out of its usual context and form and delivers it into a new light where there is, perhaps, some progress to be made. Furthermore, the essay has special significance to environmental issues and, I believe, lays a new groundwork for an ethical approach to our relations with the environment... 


Whole Earth Measurements

Essay by Don Ihde.  Sections of the Essay:
  • How Many Phenomenologists does it take to detect a 'Greenhouse Effect'?
  • Only by being profound can Heidegger be profoundly wrong
  • Whole Earth Measurements
  • Science Praxis as a Phenomenological Hermeneutic


The Realm of Existentialism:  Martin Heidegger

Website by Katharena Eiermann.

Site Includes:

  • Lectures on Heidegger's Being and Time
  • Heidegger Lecture Hall
  • Heidegger Live Recitation
  • Heidegger's Ontological Hermeneutics
  • Heidegger Deconstructed
  • Edmund Husserl


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