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Edmund Husserl  1859-1938

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The Essential Husserl : Basic Writings in Transcendental Phenomenology The Essential Husserl : Basic Writings in Transcendental Phenomenology (Studies in Continental Thought) by Edmund Husserl, Donn Welton (Editor)

Welton's anthology contains essential texts from Husserl's published works, as well as "unknown" selections from the Husserliana series -- selections which have prompted much debate in the scholarship insofar as they require a drastic reconsideration of the traditional interpretation of Husserlian phenomenology. The sections which deal with static and genetic phenomenology are worth the price of purchase alone. Welton's introduction does a fine job of setting up the terrain, as well as discussing the aforementioned debates in the literature. (Although I don't find any real basis in another reviewer's claims about the "homo-eroticism" implicit in Husserl's texts.) Especially given the price of the Kluwer editions of Husserl's works, one simply can't go wrong with this book. For those interested in phenomenology, or 20th Century philosophy in general, Welton's book is indeed essential. -- John Hartmann

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Since nowhere in these pages will you find a synopsis, summary, or other such treatise on the phenomenology of Husserl, you may wish to jump to the chronological bibliography of Husserl's writings. Here you may look for citations of the various "introductions" to phenomenology by Husserl himself. The author of this Web site suggests Husserl's Encyclopedia Britannica article on phenomenology as a brief text representing well Husserl's major themes. It is perhaps the most concisely written of all the so-called "introductions." Finished in the years 1927-28 and (in a heavily edited and distorted version) published in the 14th ed. of The Encyclopedia Britannica, this work was intended by Husserl to be a joint project between himself and Martin Heidegger. (This collaboration failed, however, such that Heidegger's contributions were not ultimately incorporated into the article submitted for publication. Hence, the article can serve both as an introduction to Husserlian phenomenology and as a platform by which to examine similarities and differences in the Husserlian and Heideggerian philosophies.) While not as dense as the Cartesian Meditations, the Encyclopedia Britannica article does provide a thorough and readable statement of Husserl's phenomenology. An adequate translation can be found in Husserl: Shorter Works, edited by Frederick Elliston & Peter McCormick or Joseph J. Kockelmans' book, Edmund Husserl's Phenomenology. Copies of these books can be most likely found in any good library or bookstore. 


Some Principles of
Phenomenological Hermeneutics

By John Lye, Department of English, Brock University.


The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy:  Husserl

This article presents (A) his biography; (B) various strategies for interpreting his phenomenology; and (C) a survey of his major works.


Husserl Studies

Journal from Kluwer Publishing.


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