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Consuming Power: A Social History of American Energies
by David E. Nye



Contemporary American Philosophy

bulletTexts:  Analytic Philosophy
bulletTexts:  Logical Positivism
bulletAnalytic Philosophy
bulletKnow of a Resource?


Reconsidering Logical Positivism by Michael Friedman
Analytic Philosophy at Erratic Impact

There are extensive Contemporary American and British Analytic Philosophy Resources at Erratic Impact.  

Resources Include:

bulletAnalytic Resources
bulletJohn Langshaw Austin
bulletBerlin Circle
bulletRudolf Carnap
bulletDonald Davidson
bulletSaul Kripke
bulletLogical Positivism
bulletErnst Mach
bulletGeorge Edward Moore
bulletKarl Popper
bulletWillard van Orman Quine
bulletGilbert Ryle
bulletVienna Circle
bulletLudwig Wittgenstein


Themes in Contemporary Analytic Philosophy

As Reflected in the Work of Monty Python. This talk was written in response to a request from the Philosophy Club at Virginia Tech. Comments from Python fans, philosophers, interested bystanders, raving loonies, and any combination of the above are welcomed! - Gary L. Hardcastle ( Department of Philosophy/Center for the Study of Science..., 27Apr96

Wilfrid Sellars (1912-1989)

From the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.


Wilfrid Stalker Sellars was a profoundly creative and synthetic thinker whose work both as a systematic philosopher and as an influential editor helped set and shape the Anglo-American philosophical agenda for over four decades. Sellars is perhaps best known for his classic 1956 essay "Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind", a comprehensive and sophisticated critique of "the myth of the given" which played a major role in the postwar deconstruction of Cartesianism, but his published corpus of three books and more than one hundred essays includes numerous original contributions to ontology, epistemology, and the philosophies of science, language, and mind, as well as sensitive historical and exegetical studies.

Site Includes:

bulletSellars's Life and Career
bulletSellars's Meta-philosophy
bulletSellars's Philosophy of Science and Epistemology
bulletSellars's Philosophy of Language and Mind
bulletPrincipal Works by Wilfrid Sellars
bulletInternet Resources
bulletRelated Entries

Willard van Orman Quine

Home page for Willard van Orman Quine, mathematician and philosopher.

Site Includes:

bulletW V Quine - summary
bulletW V Quine Internet Links
bulletW V Quine Books
bulletPublications About W V Quine
bulletW V Quine Honorary Degrees
bulletW V Quine Prizes
bulletW V Quine Popular Articles
bulletReviews of W V Quine books
bulletPopular references to W V Quine
bulletQuine in the dictionary
bulletQuine family genealogy
bulletInternet references to W V Quine
bulletW V Quine Travel
bulletW V Quine newspaper - Biography
bulletW V Quine newspaper - Kyoto prize
bulletFeedback and Guest Book|

Donald Davidson

From the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.


Donald Davidson, one of the most significant philosophers of the XX century, was born 6 March, 1917 in Springfield, Massachusetts. He studied English, Comparative Literature and Classics in his undergraduate years at Harvard. In his sophomore year at Harvard, Davidson attended two classes that made a lasting impression on him. These two classes on philosophy were taught by Alfred North Whitehead in the last year of his career. Davidson was then accepted to graduate studies in philosophy at Harvard, where his teacher was Willard Van Orman Quine. Quine set Davidson on a course in philosophy quite different from that of Whitehead.  Subsequently, Davidson did his dissertation on Plato's Philebus...  


Richard Rorty

Resources on Richard Rorty, including essays on the consequences of pragmatism, bibliographies, primary and secondary resources, book reviews and more.


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