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The Genteel Tradition : Nine Essays by George Santayana

The Genteel Tradition: Nine Essays  
by George Santayana


The Last Puritan : A Memoir in the Form of a Novel

The Last Puritan : A Memoir in the Form of a Novel 
by George Santayana


A Philosophical Novelist : George Santayana and the Last Puritan

A Philosophical Novelist : George Santayana and the Last Puritan
by H. T. Kirby-Smith

George Santayana  1863 - 1952

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Persons and Places by George Santayana

Santayana's Poems

This website lists the following:
bullet"I sought on earth a garden of delight"
bullet"Slow and reluctant was the long descent"
bullet"O world, thou choosest not the better part"
bullet"I would I had been born in nature's day"
bullet"Dreamt I to-day the dream of yesternight"
bullet"Love not as do the flesh-imprisoned men"
bullet"I would I might forget that I am I"
bullet"O Martyred Spirit of this helpless Whole"
bullet"Have patience; it is fit that in this wise"
bullet"Have I the heart to wander on the earth"
bullet"Deem not, because you see me in the press"
bullet"Mightier storms than this are brewed on earth"
bullet"Sweet are the days we wander with no hope"
bullet"There may be chaos still around the world"
bullet"A wall, a wall to hem the azure sphere"
bullet"A thousand beauties that have never been"
bullet"There was a time when in the teeth of fate"
bullet"Blaspheme not love, ye lovers, nor dispraise"
bullet"Above the battlements of heaven rise"
bullet"These strewn thoughts, by the mountain pathway sprung"


George Santayana Biography

Short Biography with list of selected works.

Spanish-American philosopher, poet and humanist,  student of William James. Santayana was born in Madrid. His mother was Scottish and father Spanish. At the age of nine his family moved with to the United States, and settled in Boston. On arrival he did not speak English, though he was to come a master stylist in it. On his new home country, where he considered himself only as an observer and always kept his distance from the culture, Santayana lived until he was 50 years old... 


Santayana Quotes

Great quotes to inspire, empower and motivate you to live the life of your dreams and become the person you've always wanted to be!


Creative Quotations from George Santayana

More great quotes, plus an elaborate search engine.


Harvard, We Have A Problem:  Santayana and the New University

Essay by Dan Miller, University of of Virginia. "Note:  do not quote, cite, or reproduce without permission of the author."   (And read only when no one is looking...)


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