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A Companion to the Philosophy of Language (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy)

A Companion to the Philosophy of Language by Crispin Wright and Bob Hale 


The Crisis of Western Philosophy

The Crisis of Western Philosophy : Against the Positivists 
by Vladimir Solovyov, Boris Jakim (Translator)


Analytic Philosophy
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Categorized by subject and author, this website features thousands of annotated links and text resources for students and teachers in the field of Analytic Philosophy.

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Origins of Analytic Philosophy
   Analytic Philosophers:
   Vienna Circle / Logical Positivism:  
   Berlin Circle:
   Major and Minor Analytic Philosophers:

   Analytic Subjects:

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   Related Subjects:

American Philosophy

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   Related Links

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Pittsburgh Center for Philosophy of Science

ACN (Austrian Culture Net)

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HOPOS 2000 in Vienna

Center for the Philosophy of Nature and Science Studies 

Swiss Society for Logic and Philosophy of Sciences

Institute for History, Foundations of Mathematics, Natural Sciences

Proceedings of the Friesian School, Fourth Series

MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive


   Analytic Departments

University of Chicago

Georgetown University

Indiana University

University of Notre Dame

University of California -- San Diego

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of Texas -- Austin

University of Wisconsin -- Madison

Yale University




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