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John Burroughs

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The World of John Burroughs
John Burroughs : The Sage of Slabsides John Burroughs : The Sage of Slabsides by Ginger Wadsworth

The twentieth-century American writer and naturalist John Burroughs's remarkable contributions to society as poet, teacher, and ecological conservationist are chronicled in this thoughtfully crafted biography. "Wadsworth pays tribute to an icon of the environmental conservation movement. . . Burroughs' work remains a landmark of environmental awareness and much of it is still being reprinted." -- Kirkus Reviews, pointer

Packed with historical anecdotes and engaging details, this profusely illustrated biography offers an intimate look at the life and work of American poet and environmental pioneer John Burroughs.

An accessible, respectable, and respectful treatment of the naturalist, writer, and conservationist is aimed at young nature buffs, for whom little else about this significant individual is readily available. Although more informative than scintillating, the book has been thoughtfully designed with attractive endpapers, ample margins, and clear type. A few of the photos-all of which are in black and white-are a bit muddy but nonetheless give a sense of the times and the subject. Beginning with Burroughs's boyhood in northern New York state, the biography sets the stage for his career by emphasizing that he, alone of all his siblings, was interested in the out-of-doors as well as education. He eventually became one of the most prominent nature essayists of his time and numbered among his friends Walt Whitman, Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir, and Henry Ford. The final chapter, "John Burroughs's Legacy," offers a succinct overview of his place in the development of the conservation movement. A copious gathering of acknowledgments documenting the author's research, a bibliography of Burroughs's books, suggestions for further reading, a list of photo credits, and an index are appended. -- Horn Book

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Books by John Burroughs:

bulletDeep Woods
bullet The Gospel of Nature  
bullet John Burroughs' America - Selections from the Writings of the Naturalist  

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John Burroughs Web
This website is dedicated to John Burroughs, the American nature essayist.

Site includes:

bulletJohn Burroughs Association
bulletBird Index
bulletWritings about Him
bulletWritings by Him

Also Includes the following links:


bulletGospel of Nature

Other Sites

bulletEcology Hall of Fame: Burroughs
bulletJohn Burroughs (The American Museum of Natural History)
bulletJohn Burroughs - Online Guide to the Catskill Mountains
bulletLouis Agassiz Fuertes (Cornell)
bulletNature Close to Home: Signs, Seasons, and Stories


John Burroughs (The American Museum of Natural History)
Using the collections of the American Museum of Natural History Library as a springboard, the purpose of this site is three-fold: to serve as an online resource for Burroughs scholars and students by bringing together biographical and critical information about John Burroughs; to provide information about the John Burroughs Association and its activities; and to highlight the collections of the American Museum of Natural History, which contains a permanent exhibit dedicated to Burroughs, and its Library, which is a repository of several collections of photographs and early film.


Ecology Hall of Fame: Burroughs
Includes a photography.


Burroughs earned his place in The Ecology Hall of Fame by a million and a half books, all extolling nature and encouraging people to experience the natural world. He was so popular and respected that 11 American schools are named for him. In his old age, some of the most important people in America came to visit at his cabin near the Hudson River, "Slabsides." Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison were all fans of Burroughs. But far more important than his fans among the famous were the millions he attracted to nature by his writings.


John Burroughs - Online Guide to the Catskill Mountains
Includes photos.

Site Includes:

bulletArea Map


Nature Close to Home: Signs, Seasons, and Stories
From Spring Jottings:


But before I give these extracts, let me say a word or two in favor of the habit of keeping a journal of one's thoughts and days. To a countryman, especially of a meditative turn, who likes to preserve the flavor of the passing moment, or to a person of leisure anywhere, who wants to make the most of life, a journal will be found a great help. It is a sort of deposit account wherein one saves ups bits and fragments of his life that would otherwise be lost to him.


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