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Women and the Military

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 Amelia Earhart's Daughters : The Wild and Glorious Story of American Women Aviators from World War II to the Dawn of the Space Age
coverMemories of Maggie : Martha Raye : A Legend Spanning Three Wars by Noonie Fortin, Michael Qualben (Illustrator), James D. Qualben (Editor) 

When I read Noonie's original manuscript I couldn't put it down. She did such a great job of writing about Martha Raye's life that she brought her to life in print. My company normally publishes books with a religious or inspirational nature. This was the first biography that we did and we're glad we were a part of it. Ms Raye was a phenomenal woman who sacrificed everything to serve her fellow American. The author followed a timeline in presenting her story as to best show exactly what Ms Raye sacrificed to go overseas so much to be with the troops. Intertwining the stories and photos from Veterans around the world gave this bigger than life entertainer a reality that few people knew about. I say few because she did everything for the Veterans without publicity so only they knew what she was doing and where she was going. I'm quite surprised that a larger publisher didn't grab Noonie's manuscript when it passed their desk. I'm glad she sent it to me. The reviews that we have received thus far have been wonderful. It was especially nice was we received a letter from General William Westmoreland stating the book not only recorded Martha's life but American History as well -- Publisher's review.

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Noonie Fortin

Noonie Fortin, author of Memories of Maggie--Martha Raye: A Legend Spanning Three Wars, Potpourri Of War: Labors of Love Remembered, and The Sarge's Thoughts, maintains a website devoted to women in the military.  


I am a woman who just happens to be a retired Army Reserve First Sergeant. I have shared my experience and expertise in researching, writing, finding a publisher, and "hitting the road" with my books Memories of Maggie--Martha Raye: A Legend Spanning Three Wars, Potpourri Of War: Labors of Love Remembered, and The Sarge's Thoughts.

I communicated with Martha "Colonel Maggie" Raye from 1988 until her death in 1994. I came to know and love her. I visited her several times in her Bel Air, California home, where I enjoyed her comments as we watched her old movies together, heard the stories, reminisced, and visited with this remarkable woman about her beloved frontline soldiers. 

Both in my book and during my speaking engagements I paint a picture of the most intriguing women of our time. A superb jazz singer, Martha Raye's comedic genius and her brilliant acting will long be remembered. But her most awesome gift was her devotion to entertaining frontline soldiers in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. She donned fatigues and a Green Beret. She would head into territory where no other civilian would consider visiting. She had a photographic memory for recognizing each soldier years after meeting him or her.

Site includes:

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