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The Writings of Justin Martyr (Shepherd's Notes, Christian Classics Series)

The Writings of Justin Martyr 
by Justin Martyr, Karen O. Bullock

Justin Martyr  ca. A. D. 110 - ca. 165

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St. Justin Martyr the First and Second Apologies (Ancient Christian Writers, Vol. 56) by Leslie William Barnard (Translator)
Justin Martyr Biography

This page furnishes a profile of the second century apologist who aimed to reconcile the differences between pagan behavior and Christian doctrine.

The Second Apology of Justin for the Christians


ROMANS, the things which have recently(1) happened in your city under Urbicus,(2) and the things which are likewise being everywhere unreasonably done by the governors, have compelled me to frame this composition for your sakes, who are men of like passions, and brethren, though ye know it not, and though ye be unwilling to acknowledge it on account of your glorying in what you esteem dignities.(3) For everywhere, whoever is corrected by father, or neighbor, or child, or friend, or brother, or husband, or wife, for a fault, for being hard to move, for loving pleasure and being hard to urge to what is right (except those who have been persuaded that the unjust and intemperate shall be punished in eternal fire, but that the virtuous and those who lived like Christ shall dwell with God in a state that is free from suffering,--we mean, those who have become Christians), and the evil demons, who hate us, and who keep such men as these subject to themselves, and serving them in the capacity of judges, incite them, as rulers actuated by evil spirits, to put us to death. But that the cause of all that has taken place under Urbicus may become quite plain to you, I will relate what has been done...


Justin's Dialogue with Trypho, A Jew
bulletCHAP. XI.--The Law Abrogated; The New Testament Promised by God.
bulletCHAP. XXXVI.--He Proves That Christ is Called Lord of Hosts.
bulletCHAP. XXXVII.--The Same is Proved From Other Psalms.
bulletCHAP. LVI.--God Who Appeared to Moses is Distinguished From the Father.
bulletCHAP. LVIII.--The Same is Proved From the Visions Which Appeared to Jacob.
bulletCHAP. LXIII.--It is Proved That This God was Incarnate.
bulletCHAP. LXXV.--It is Proved That Jesus was the Name of God in the Book of Exodus.
bulletCHAP. LXXVI.--From Other Passages the Majesty and Government of Christ are Proved.
bulletCHAP. LXXVII.--He Returns to Explain the Prophecy of Isaiah.
bulletCHAP. LXXVIII.--He Proves that this Prophecy Harmonizes With Christ Alone.
bulletCHAP. XCVIII.-- Predictions of Christ in Psalm XXII.
bulletCHAP. C.--In What Sense Christ is Called Jacob, Israel, and Son of Man.
bulletCHAP. CXIII. --Joshua Was a Figure of Christ.
bulletCHAP. CXXV.--He Explains What Force the Word Israel Has, and How it Suits Christ.
bulletCHAP. CXXVI.--The Various Names of Christ According to Both Natures. It is Shown That He is God, And Appeared to the Patriarchs.
bulletCHAP. CXXVII.--These Passages of Scripture do not Apply to the Father, but to the Word.
bulletCHAP. CXXVIII.--Christ Not Inanimate Power, but Person Begotten of Father's Substance.
bulletCHAP. CXXIX.--That is Confirmed From Other Passages of Scripture.
bulletCHAP. CXXXII.--How Great the Power Was of the Name of Jesus in the Old Testament.
bulletCHAP. CXXXVIII.--Noah is a Figure of Christ, who has Regenerated us by Water, and Faith, and Wood


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