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Indian Philosophy

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The Upanishads

cover The Shambhala Encyclopedia of Yoga by Georg Feuerstein.   

Any student of Yoga will want to know more about not only the practices of Yoga but also its history and spirituality. One of the best places to turn is to Georg Feuerstein's acclaimed Shambhala Encyclopedia of Yoga. With more than 100 illustrations (such as the many asana postures and chakra centers) and entries on everything from the Bhagavad-Gita to Swami Vivekananda and from the Aryan invasion theory to biofeedback, you can't go wrong. Extensive cross-references also facilitate searches for both English and Sanskrit versions of terms. The Shambhala Encyclopedia is a complete yet concise guide to the galaxy of Yoga.

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Journal of Indian Philosophy

From Kluwer Online.  

Site includes:

bulletEditorial Board
bulletAims & Scope
bulletIndexing/Abstracting Services
bulletInstructions for Authors
bulletContact the Publishing Editor
bulletFree Online Sample Copy
bulletKluwer Stylefiles for Submission
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Darshana:  Indian Philosophy Website

Indian Philosophy is ancient. It has a wide variety of schools and teachers, from atheistic materialists to mystical devotees, from stern logicians to speculative metaphysicians.

The Sanskrit word darshana means view or viewpoint. It is the normal Sanskrit word for what in English we call philosophy. Indian philosophy has an aim : liberation, freedom from deluded views, mental illusions and delusions, confused ideal, fuddled thinking. It is a deep spiritual therapy.  

Site Includes:

bulletIndian Philosophy Before the Greeks
bulletThe Upanishads
bulletThe Sage as Teacher
bulletThe Search for the Self
bulletYajnavalkya and Maitreyi
bulletPrajapati teaches the King of Gods and the Lord of Demons
bulletGargya Balaki and Ajatashatru
bulletDoctrine of the Logic School
bulletThe City of Justice
bulletVerbal Combat in the Brahmana
bulletThree analyses of Causality.
bulletThe analysis of perceptual error.


Forum for Indian Philosophy

Editor: Mathew Verghese

This discussion forum is promoted by a group of scholars working in various fields of Indian philosophy. The main activity of the forum is to initiate independent discussion and enhance scholarship in Indian philosophy. This site mainly acts as a networking agency to have interaction between scholars from various parts of the world. It also aims at encouraging communication with academic philosophers and the wider public. In setting out this path the forum seeks to respond to the needs of having very active and fruitful dialogue in India and other part of the world, with those who contribute to the philosophical tradition initiated centuries ago in India.


Advaita Vedănta

This website represents a serious attempt at exploring philosophical issues in advaita vedanta, as handled by the leading philosophers themselves, and in the context of their times.


Dv Aita

Dvaita, also known as Bheda-vaada, Tattva-vaada, and Bimba-pratibimba-vaada, is the doctrine propounded by Ananda Tiirtha (1239-1319) that asserts that the difference between the individual soul or jiiva, and the Creator, or Iishvara, is eternal and real. Actually, this is just one of the five differences that are so stated -- all five differences that constitute the universe are eternal.  Site includes:

Ananda Tiirtha

This is the front-page of the section that deals with Sriman Madhvaachaarya -- his biography, his works, and his special significance as the third incarnation of Mukhya PraaNa, the god of life.

Specifically, you may like to visit the sub-section that deals with Udupi -- there is a fairly extensive description of the place itself, its history, the Krishna temple, the kinds of worship practiced there, Kanaka Daasa, etc.

Scholars of Tattvavaada

This is the section that deals with some of the other major scholars who followed in the footsteps of Srimad Ananda Tiirtha in propounding Tattvavaada.


This section leads into several viewable (and in some cases, downloadable) stotras (hymns in praise of Vishnu or His servants) of interest to Maadhvas -- many with transliterations and/or translations. Some shlokas listed here are rather hard to find in print.

Some of the stotra-s are available as downloadable PostScript files, and others as viewable GIF files. A very few are available as audio files that may be listened to, provided the appropriate software is available. 

Doctrinal issues

This section, still under construction, will present some writings concerning specific points of interest in Tattvavaada. Please see the Dvaita FAQ before reading this section.


This, as the name suggests, contains a bibliographical index of references to published Tattvavaada works. Separate, smaller bibliographies relating to specific individuals may be found on pages devoted to them -- if such exist -- but this larger bibliography has all of them, and also has some references to works that are not mentioned on any other page. This section is currently under revision, and is not yet comprehensive enough to be very useful to be an aid in looking for specific works, but may still be of some value.

Miscellaneous items

This page heads into links with information of interest to Maadhvas, that often do not seem to fit into any of the previous categories. Includes a list of Sri Subramanya Swamiji's songs.



This is an excellent resource site devoted to Indian philosophy and Hinduism.  

Site includes:

bulletPhilosophy & Religion
bulletArts & Archeology
bulletHistory & Geography
bulletTraditional Sciences
bulletLanguages & Scripts
bulletDirectories & Link Pages
bulletAcademic Institutions
bulletLearned Societies
bulletLibrary Catalogues


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