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 Differences That Matter : Feminist Theory and Postmodernism

Differences That Matter : Feminist Theory and Postmodernism by Sara Ahmed

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Women Writing Culture by Ruth Behar (Editor), Deborah A. Gordon (Editor).

Philosophy Practice : An Alternative to Counseling and PsychotherapyPhilosophy Practice : An Alternative to Counseling and Psychotherapy by Shlomit C. Schuster

Although philosophy has become a purely academic discipline over the last few centuries, it once played an important role in the politics of  many Western nations. Now, the end of the 20th century, philosophy seems to be returning to its original, practical purposes, thanks to the new practice of philosophical counseling, which is now emerging as an alternative to psychoanalysis and other clinical approaches. This volume describes the main theoretical aspects of this practice based on an open-ended dialogue between a philosophical practitioner and a client or a group, and places it in a historical context, while contrasting it with various forms of psychological counseling. To illustrate how philosophy can be beneficial, the author, a practicing philosophical counselor, also presents several case studies from her own practice. 

About the Author

Dr. Shlomit C. Schuster is a practicing philosophical counselor. She has many years of experience in conducting private sessions in counseling and in instructing philosophers who want to begin their own counseling practice. She can be reached at  

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Restoring Harmony

Kerri A. Provost

zine / ezine -- Submissions welcome.  The mission of Restoring Harmony is to further the spread of rational thought in the so-called activist community. Looking for feminist, multicultural, and working class issues.


Society for Women in Philosophy

The Society for Women in Philosophy was started in 1972 to promote and support women in philosophy. SWIP holds divisional meetings, meetings in conjunction with the meetings of the American Philosophical Association, and it publishes newsletters.


Women and Gender Studies

This page by G. Margaret Porter is part of the WSSLINKS Women and Gender Studies site from the Women's Studies Section, American Library Association. It contains links to bibliographies, organizations, listservs, and internet collections.


Women's Liberation Movement
Pathfinder for Sources in Duke Libraries

This list of sources is intended to jumpstart research on the women's movements of the 1960s and 1970s. It is not a comprehensive bibliography, nor is it all inclusive. There are many other publications, individuals, and organizations involved in movement activities than those listed here. While this pathfinder is written to work specifically in Duke University libraries, citations and names, etc. may still be helpful to those using other libraries. 


Women's Liberation Research Network

The Women's Liberation Research Network is a group of students, teachers, activists, librarians, and archivists who have an interest in some aspect of the U.S. Women's Liberation Movement. The idea of a network came out of a panel at the 1996 Berkshires conference where it became clear that there was widespread interest in this era as a research topic, yet many of us did not know who was doing what.

The purpose of this network is to provide simple connective tissue among those researching, writing, teaching, and collecting in the hopes that we can provide a a better, more accurate understanding of this period in history.


Women in Medieval Philosophy

This site has pages on Secular and Religious Women writers.


Women's Studies Archives:   International Women's Periodicals 1800s - 1920s


A selection of women's journals, newspapers and magazines, from Primary Source Media's History of Women microfilm collection, is now available online! Women's Studies Archives: International Women's Periodicals is a tool designed to assist scholars and researchers on all levels achieve faster, easier and more flexible access to a world class resource in women's studies. Search, access and evaluate women's issues through first hand accounts in the most significant periodical database of its kind.  

Magazine and journal publications were an important form of communication during the mid 1800s through 1920s. Written primarily for women by both men and women, these periodicals offer a wide array of views about the roles of women in society and business. Suffrage and anti-suffrage writing, domesticity columns, and literary genres from poetry to serialized novels are included in these periodicals. 

International Women's Periodicals offers researchers the opportunity to interpret social, political, economic, and literary aspects of women’s history. Advertisements, letters to the editors, articles, stories and poems allow scholars to study the perceptions of the role women play in culture and politics. 

Efficient Access

The full text of every periodical has been keyed, allowing specific word, phrase, name, or date searchability. Special search fields provide more targeted document retrieval options. Easily accessible digital facsimiles can be downloaded and printed as required. Both IP address verification and password protection registration options are available.

Microfilm Access

The complete guide to the History of Women microfilm collection is online free. Search the index by word, term, author or theme and enjoy the ease and enhancement that online access brings to the microfilm collection! 


Women's Studies Resources

Compiled and edited by Karla Tonella, University of Iowa.   Excellent site with many fine articles listed under Feminist Theory.

Site Includes:

Communication and Media
Development - WID
Feminist Theory
General or Mixed, Indexes & Searches


Women's Studies Program at VillanovaWomen's Studies at Villanova University

The Women's Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program providing courses and a minor and a concentration in Women's Studies. It is open to students in all degree programs.

Identifying gender as fundamental to the way that men and women understand themselves, Women's Studies focuses on the position of women and, thus, causes us to rethink history and culture. The academic discipline of Women Studies continues to transform scholarship and basic assumptions in all areas of the humanities, social sciences, and the professions.

Courses in Women's Studies address the history and achievement of women and analyze the implications of gender roles in the past and present. Courses consider such topics and the social and cultural consequences for both women and men of gender divisions and sex-role restrictions. They ask such questions as: To what extent are gender divisions in society biologically determined, and to what extent are they social constructions? How has the subordination of women been a factor in the formation of legal and economic systems around the world? In what ways can such disciplines as Philosophy, Literature, and Religious Studies change once women become active participants and creators? What is the significance of gender in the formation of systems of thought and the symbols we use?

Click here to find out more about this program.



Extensive site with its own searchable database. 

Site includes:

Women & Computers
The Education of Women
Lesbian Visibility
Women Throughout History
Science & Technology
Women's Resources

Feminist Utopia

ne plus ultra awardCreated and Maintained by Colleen McEneany.

This rich and entertaining website features feminism and gender equality resources and information with original content and fun areas.

Site includes:

Fun Stuff
Important Sites
Other Features


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