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Sonia Pressman Fuentes

RTIRonline asks Sonia to comment on the death of Nora Ephron

June 28, 2012

Essayist and humorist Nora Ephron is being remembered as our modern-day Dorothy Parker; honest, brilliant and oh so funny. Sonia Fuentes, a founder of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and a humorist herself, says she’s long been in awe of Ephron. “She was such a multi-talented woman—accomplished as a journalist, blogger, essayist, novelist, playwright, an Oscar- nominated screenwriter and a movie director. As an octogenarian, I appreciate the fact that in recent years, while she remained a most attractive, young- looking woman, she turned her attention to aging.” Fuentes coincidentally has tickets to a local Ephron production this weekend and says she’ll be thinking of Nora as she enjoys the humor and poignancy of the play. Sonia Fuentes is a feminist activist, public speaker and attorney and was the first woman attorney in the Office of the General Counsel at the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). She is the author of “Eat First — You Don’t Know What They’ll Give You, The Adventures of an Immigrant Family and Their Feminist Daughter.” Contact her at (941) 379-6215 (FL); spfuentes@comcast.net