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Sonia Pressman Fuentes

Interview by Publishing Success Magazine

May 2001

Words of Wisdom:  Nine successful e-authors discuss their experience and success in the world of e-publishing

As the world of e-publishing continues to develop and change the world of traditional publishing, many authors are choosing to make themselves an integral part of this phenomenon.  Each e-author has different experiences depending on the choice that they made.  These authors know what it's like to be in the forefront of this new technology paradigm, as it continues to change each day.  All of these authors have words of wisdom to offer about the the advantages and the disadvantages of e-publishing, as well as words of encouragement for authors considering this new and technologically advanced publishing option.

Sonia Pressman Fuentes:

The Choice:  "There was no reason for me not to e-publish."

The Disadvantages:  "The disadvantages of e-publishing are that in my experience most people don't want to read a book on the computer or print out an entire book.  Rather, they want a traditional book that they can hold in their hands and which the author can autograph for them."

Effective Marketing:  "I think my most effective marketing tools have been:  1) contacting people and organizations with a particular interest in my book, such as Jews and feminists, largely by e-mail, but also by fax and snail mail; and 2) setting up speaking engagements and memoir readings, at which I sell my book."

Advice:  "I haven't tried this myself, but I've heard that other e-book publishers take disks of the e-book with them for sale at book readings.  That might be a good technique.  My other advice would be, at this time, to publish as an e-book only as an addition to also publishing in paperback and hardback."

E-Publish or Traditional?  "I would continue to publish e-books but would, of course, be delighted if a traditional publisher picked up my book."

 Publishing Success, May 2001