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Sonia Pressman Fuentes

Sonia at High Tea at Spanish Point in Sarasota with the Cornell Club of Sarasota, Nov. 3, 2016. The woman in a white dress and white hat is Sonia's friend, Kathryn Chesley, a local actress, who portrayed Bertha Palmer, the most important woman in Sarasota's history who at one time owned the 30 acres that comprise Spanish Point and other property all over Sarasota and nearby parts of Florida. She came to Sarasota over 100 years ago after her husband, Potter Palmer, the wealthy owner of a store that later became Marshall Field's, died and left her $12 million. He built the Palmer House in Chicago for her. The blonde woman in the last picture is Bertha Palmer's great-great granddaughter, Pauline Walmsler Joerger.

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